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Llama Llama's Little Lie by Anna Dewdney, Reed Duncan, JT Morrow

Llama Llama's Little Lie

When Llama Llama accidentally breaks Mama Llama's favorite picture frame, he decides to tell a little lie about how it happened.

Llama Llama playing in a sandbox

Learn and Play the Llama Llama Way!

Your little llamas will love these free activities. Download coloring pages, mazes, puzzles, and more.

Llama Llama brushing teeth

Sing-along with Llama Llama!

Brush along with the Llama Llama and help kids brush their teeth for the recommended 2 minutes with this fun song!

Llama Llama Netflix animated series

Llama Llama is now on Netflix!

Learn and play with Llama Llama and pals! Adventure awaits in this heartwarming animated show based on the award-winning books. Jennifer Garner stars as Mama Llama.

Llama LLama I Love You

Llama Llama Board Books for Baby!

Llama Llama plush

Even more Llama Llama fun!

From pajamas to toys you can now bring even more Llama Llama into your home.

Remembering Anna Dewdney, the original Mama Llama

Remembering Anna Dewdney: The Original Mama Llama

Anna Dewdney published her first Llama Llama book in 2005. In addition to being an author and illustrator, she was a teacher, mother, and enthusiastic proponent of reading aloud to children. As Llama Llama continues to reach children around the world, we remember Anna and her amazing spirit

Llama Llama sleeping in red pajamas
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